Song on Repeat: Warpaint


I’ve been a big fan of Warpaint’s for years now. Their latest album ‘Heads Up’ dropped in September and ever since I have barely stopped listening to it. Full of addictive melodies that float over your ears, it’s so easy to listen to, to chill out, to drive to, or to just listen to.

The opening track Whiteout has been on repeat for me lately, you can immediately hear a difference to their previous sounds. There’s a synth drum track and it’s a little bit more clipped and punchy than their last record. But what remains are those juicy bass lines and dreamy melodies. I’m in love.



Weekly Digs: Warpaint

I love this band. They have been around for about ten years now and late in 2013 they released their second LP self-titled ‘Warpaint’.

The lead single from that album and my favourite is ‘Love Is To Die’. This song still gets in my head, after listening to it all the time, ever since it was released. I feel like I will never get sick of it. It’s so chilled, and catchy with just the right amount of moodiness at the same time so that you can’t help sing along to it.

It has become a staple in my play-list selections.. I hope you enjoy!