Finding Joy in Reading

I’ve always loved reading, even from an early age I have always had a book on my bedside table. I can remember my parents always swapping books with their friends what seemed like every few weeks and marvelling at how fast they could read! I now find myself about to begin my 4th book for the month and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know quite a few people who don’t like to read. They read for necessity, not for the pleasure of enjoying a story… they would rather watch a movie for that, it’s easier. They struggle to concentrate on the page, they get restless and impatient and they give up. Me on the other hand… give me a good book and I can be occupied for hours. I judge the quality of a book based on how lost in the story I get. Sometimes a story can be so intriguing that I will actually forget where I am. I especially find books a good escape when commuting on public transport.. combined with a good playlist you are able to block out any unsavoury characters, and if only for ten minutes of your day, forget that you are on your way to work.

While I was living overseas, I invested in a Kindle. Something I was reluctant to do at first, because I am such a lover of books, actual BOOKS with pages. But I have to admit, it changed my life. I was so strapped for space in my tiny bedroom, that I actually stopped reading for a time just to save space, I had to stop myself from wandering around bookstores (something I love doing) incase I bought a book that I would then have to find a space for.. so by having the Kindle, I was able to read tonnes of books and carry then around with me at all times. Perfect! Especially when I got onto the Outlander books, of which there are 8 and each book is about one thousand pages.. so we’re talking proper brick books! There is no way I would have even picked them up off the shelf just based on their size, but I was able to read them all over the city and even when I went up to Scotland where the series is based.

Upon coming home I have reverted back into my old ways, buying books when I see them, rifling through mum and dad’s collection and even going to our local library! Every time I go to the library I am amazed.. here is this resource full of amazing fiction, non-fiction, resource material, whatever you want! You can have up to 10 items and take them home for a whole three weeks, for FREE!! Why don’t people use libraries much anymore? Maybe they do but no one is talking about it, so if you want some advice, go to your library. It’s a great way to test out an author someone has recommended without potentially wasting your money and shelf space.

I have also rediscovered my favourite bookstores in Perth, Elizabeths Secondhand Bookshop. Their stores are packed to the rafters with books, all different types and their staff are super knowledgeable which I love. Something they have started doing is ‘Blind Date With A Book’, they have a stand of books wrapped in brown paper with a few dot points listed on the cover giving a quick snippet of what the book is about. I love this concept, it gives you a chance to read something you perhaps wouldn’t have picked up because of the cover. As it turns out the book I got was really good and I read it in 5 days! I will probably review on here at some stage because I enjoyed it so much and I can think of quite a few people who would enjoy it.


But for now I just really wanted to share my love of reading with everyone. Living in such a technology heavy age it feels like something as simple as reading a good book is getting lost in the chaos. Life moves fast enough, sometimes it’s good to just stop and focus on a page and get lost in someone else’s story.



Ps – Anyone read a really good book lately? I’d love some recommendations 🙂