Christmas in London

For those wondering what Christmas in London is like, have a gander at my post from Christmas last year! 


I love this time of year, but never before have I felt SO festive! The City of London have truly exceeded my expectations with their festive cheer. Every major monument has it’s very own Christmas tree, every street has their own themed Christmas decorations and as it’s getting colder there are people selling roasted nuts, Christmas markets are popping up everywhere along the Thames, it really is a magical atmosphere.

This will be my first cold Christmas, so it’s been surreal to see and experience all these things – it’s so strange, it’s not hot, school’s not wrapping up, there wont be any seafood on my plate on Christmas Day.. but that’s ok! I came here to experience new things and this is definitely going to be a Christmas to remember.

Here are just some of the Christmas tree’s I’ve spied around London over the last month…


Covent Garden


Borough Markets


St Paul’s Cathedral


Shakespeare’s Globe


Trafalgar Square


Christmas Markets have been big on the agenda lately, we found a Scandinavian Christmas Market near our house in Rotherhithe, where I had a chance to try mulled wine for the first time.


The streets of London are not only covered in Christmas trees, but lights!!!


Regent Street


Regent Street


St Paul’s Cathedral


Bond Street


House of Fraser


With Christmas themed streets comes Christmas themed events! Including the Santa Run my flatmate Frances and I did. 6km around Battersea Park, in a Santa suit!


Ready for action!


Ho Ho Ho!


After this run, we kicked on to Santacon! An annual Santa convention where groups of people dressed up as Santa meet up in London to drink basically.. quite a sight to behold..


Saying hello to Lizzie…


Santa’s taking over Buckingham Palace..


We had our ‘house Christmas’ on Sunday, with all my flat mates, as we will all be apart for Christmas. It was so lovely, we spent all day in the kitchen, I cooked my first roast! We had Christmas carols playing all day, whilst my flat mates made a gingerbread house, we had baked Camembert, roast turkey and a wide selection of vegetables, with a broccoli and zucchini quiche. Then for dessert Cranachan a Scottish dessert followed by fruit minced pies!! So needless to say, if our individual Christmas’s don’t turn out as expected, we had it covered!
We then sat down to watch the classic National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and A Muppets Christmas Carol. I love Christmas movies, it doesn’t matter if they’re corny or cheesey, you only watched them once a year so you may as well indulge a little!


Our feast!


Setting our table..


Cranachan desserts


Gingerbread house!


And the main event is still to come!! Safe to say I have well and truly celebrated enough Christmas this year for the next few years to come!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


Barlow House Christmas Tree



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