A Danish Weekend

I recently went to Copenhagen for a whirlwind weekend visit. I’ve never been to this part of the world before, but since having some family friends live there I thought it was the perfect excuse to visit!

From the moment I hit passport control, I knew I was in for a good holiday… the first thing the man said to me was ‘Princess Mary is from Australia, maybe you will be the next one!’ Much more inviting than the usual smirk and stamp treatment I am accustomed to.

Copenhagen is set on a series of canals, that open out to the ocean. You can cruise the river in a ferry to get from A to B or if the tide is too low or it’s too windy, you can easily jump on the Metro, that’s if you can’t be bothered walking. It’s a very easy city to get around! The city centre has over a mile of walking streets filled with all kinds of shops. From big department stores to Lego, it’s a shoppers’ paradise! My mission was Christmas markets! There were several dotted around the city and I think I found all of them. Little stalls set up selling everything from woolen hats and scarves through to mulled wine and hot ciders. Not to mention crepes and Bratwurst sausages! I don’t know what it is about these markets, I just love roaming through them! Everyone is in the Christmas spirit, the carols are playing, everyone is just so happy! Maybe it’s the Danes.. they are the loveliest people!


In the centre of town is Christianborg Palace. It used to be the headquarters for parliament, however now it is a tourist attraction in the form of a free look out at the top of the tower. From here you can see all of Copenhagen and beyond!



View from the Tower

Hans Christian Anderson is famously from Copenhagen, and his famous fairy tale The Little Mermaid is immortalised in one of the city’s canals. The statue has been there since 1913 and is very popular with tourists. It’s a very small, and modest statue, I think many are often disappointed by it, as it’s is so well known, a bit like the Mona Lisa.


We also managed to stop by and see where Prince Frederik and Princess Mary live, well their winter residence anyway. It’s a very exposed palace, compared to the British ones. Formed around a giant courtyard, it is comprised of four buildings all facing inwards. We were lucky enough to be there at the time of the changing of the guard, a very strange process that involves a lot of marching and starting at one another.


These Royal Guards were also out in the streets a little later, some playing drums and singing along to Christmas songs! So naturally, I followed them and they lead me to one of the botanical gardens. Luckily for me the sun was out, but it was so cold I couldn’t stay too long as my face was stinging too much!



The view looking out from the city


REAL Christmas trees for sale


Decorations on the front of the Magasin department store

All in all I love this city. The Danish really have a great pace of life, everyone is happy and pleasant, which really helped me enjoy myself since I had a terrible cold while I was there. It’s easy to forget you’re losing your voice when you have a hot cider in your hands and you’re surrounded by a beautiful city.






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