The Magical World of!

Last week I was lucky enough to see the first preview of a new show playing at the National Theatre in London, called As you might have guessed, it’s based on Alice in Wonderland, and was created by Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) and Moira Buffini. The story-line has been shaken up a bit, given a 21st century make-over that allows Generation Z to really relate to this tale of wonder.

When we first meet Alice, she is a typical school girl who has moved to a new school and is having trouble settling in and making friends. There’s troubles at home and her only escape for her problems is an online game she can play on her phone called In this game she can create an avatar of herself, and she can make friends with other people as they go on a quest to follow the White Rabbit.



Alice with her avatar

It’s a very tech heavy show, but in a fantastic way. You really believe that you are in the game with her!
The classic characters are still there, we are introduced to the world by the Cheshire Cat – a slightly creepy digital face that hovers everywhere! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are represented by some fellow friends in the world. And we eventually meet the evil Queen of Hearts in the form of the Head Mistress.

950-0523This is a really fun show, the songs are fantastic and the all singing all dancing cast were outstanding.

I highly recommend this show, it’s showing at the National Theatre until March tickets available¬†here

Here’s a little glimpse via BBC Breakfast..




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