Paris Summer


Cheese, bread, wine, pastries, sun, strolling along the river… all things I love and all things that I did in Paris. I love this city. It is such a delight, you can stroll along the Seine in the sunshine, admire the bluish/green water.. the fact that their river is not brown is a delight in itself. It creates an atmosphere that instantly makes you feel more cultured, sophisticated and in complete holiday mood.


My reason for being in Paris was to meet up with one of my best friends, who has moved over from Perth. So we hadn’t seen each other in a year and our first mission was wine and cheese in the park! Our Airbnb apartment was in a prime location not too far from the Arc de Tromph and were lucky enough to have beautiful park Parc Monceau a mere 5 minute walk away. So we settled in there nicely, killing around 5 hours drinking rose and eating the most delicious Brie I have ever tasted… all with a fresh baguette from our local bakery. I could definitely get used to the Parisian way of life!


Because of our great location, it was easy enough for us to walk down the Champs Elysee, a massive mall fit for a shopping addicts dream. We then took a turn and headed down towards Le Seine that boast a view of the Eiffel Tower and the many bridges that cross the river.


We also managed to venture out of the centre of town, to Pere Lachaise Cemetery to pay our respects to the late, great Jim Morisson who died in Paris on 3rd July 1971… we just so happened to visit on the 3rd July and then proceeded to the nearest bar for a beer to cool down.


The only downfall of visiting Paris in summer is the extreme humidity that comes with the heat. It made for some very sweaty exploring, which is why on our last day we decided to play proper tourist and join a bus/boat tour, complete with air-conditioning! It was a great way to tick off all the remaining sights we couldn’t fit in on foot, it was also a great way to avoid the crowds. We zipped passed The Lourve, Notre Dame, The Latin Quarter, Eiffel Tower before boarding a boat to cruise along Le Seine soaking up as much Parisian goodness before having to jump on the Eurostar back to London.


It was another trip that make me appreciate just how close all the destinations are over here. Two and a half hours on the Eurostar and you’re in the centre of Paris. Making it a very do-able weekender. I daresay, if you got the right priced ticket, it would even be worth going over just for the shopping alone!

Parisians and indeed the French have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat rude or not entirely welcoming to foreigners. I personally have never had a problem with the locals in Paris. I like to do as the French do when I’m in their neck of the woods and at least attempt to fit in with the locals. Every shop I enter or local I encounter, I simply smile and say ‘Bonjour!’ They can then immediately tell I am foreign as my accent is probably completely wrong but they usually just smile and say ‘hello’. I find that if you put in the effort, they respect you a little bit more and do you the courtesy of speaking in English.. even if it is broken!

I find Paris to be a very livable city, I would move there in a flash…if only I spoke French!

I also had this song stuck in my head the entire time…




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