The Heat is Here!


The UK and most of Europe is currently experiencing a heat wave, and I am so happy about it.

People love to talk about the different ‘types’ of heat… Some people can’t fathom that 30 degrees could be considered a nice day in Perth, when 30 degrees in London feels like you’re melting out of your skin. The reason is our cities are designed with specific weather in mind, for instance, buildings in London are designed to keep the heat in, they’re getting better but most places don’t have air conditioning and the tube is even more of a cess-pool of filth than normal – if it’s even running because apparently the train tracks over here melt in anything above 35 degrees!

But for me, this weather is bringing back some amazing, happy memories. Yesterday I was literally sitting at the desk at work when I caught a waft of warm air from outside. I was instantly reminded of home, of summer holidays, BBQ’s with my family and friends, Christmas and all the excitement that comes with it, and of course the beach.

I love and miss the fact that you can walk outside and the wind is warm. Yesterday after work my flat mate and I went down to our local park with some ciders and a bag of chips and watched some guys playing cricket, and just chilled out on the grass.. it was so delightful and relaxing. I love that something so simple can make me so happy.


There is one summer memory that will stick in my mind forever.. when I was little and we were around my Nonna & Nonno’s house for dinner, afterwards, once the sun had gone down and the temperature was still in the 30’s, my Nonno would be sitting out the front on the porch or out the back overlooking his vegetable garden and I would ask; ‘Why are you sitting out in this heat?! Come inside in the cool!’ and he would answer ‘I’m drying my bones out’. He had a fantastic sense of humour, I miss him dearly.

Isn’t it amazing that I can get all of that from one wisp of warm air?




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