A Day in Oxford

IMG_5160Yesterday I decided to go on a day trip out to Oxford. It’s a mere hour away on the train from London, making it a very do-able trip!

It’s a quaint little village dominated by the university. All the buildings resemble the Oxford with honey coloured limestone walls, surrounded by the most vibrant green and well manicured lawns I have encountered.


It’s very easily accessible on foot and boy did we walk! We managed to join two walking tours.. the first allowed us free access into one of the Oxford halls, which was to be the inspiration behind Hogwarts Great Hall (Harry Potter movies). However, this guide lacked the skills for interesting story-telling and lost us after about an hour so we decided to join a different 2 hour walking tour a little bit later on. It was miles better, and I am now full-bottle on the history of Oxford University, how the town was founded, who was executed there and which pubs to drink in!

Speaking of pubs, the pub we decided on for dinner was none other than the Turf Club, famous for it’s previous patrons. It is where former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke downed a yard of beer in 11 seconds – a Guinness World Record to this day! And it is where Bill Clinton ‘didn’t inhale’ that joint he was holding for his friend.. in his mouth!


There are clearly two types of people in Oxford. Tourists and students. If you’re not dodging another walking tour (there are tonnes) you are jumping out of the way of another cyclist. I think Oxford could give Amsterdam a run for it’s money with the amount of bicycles locked up around the city… it’s clearly a favoured form of transport in these parts.

All up it was a fantastic day, and has given me the inspiration to go out and explore more on weekends. The UK has such a fantastic rail network, it would be a shame not to make the most of it and see a bit more of this great country.




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