Weekly Digs: Circa Waves

This week I would like to share with you a band that I discovered via a Youtube ad… you know those ones that force you to watch a clip for 30 seconds before it will play what you want? Well this time it paid off!

I present.. Circa Waves ‘Young Chasers’

This four piece band from Liverpool, do a good job at Surfer Rock. They sound like they’re coming at you straight from beaches of California. At 2:20 this song packs a lot into a small time frame. It’s a really good feel-good summer song, which is perfect for us living in the Northern Hemisphere. They remind me of The Drums, just with a less annoying vocalist.

They just released their debut album Young Chasers and thanks to Youtube I’m going get myself a copy so I can bask in the summery goodness!




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