Easter in Brighton

Easter long weekend saw me get out of London for a few days, which was really refreshing. Jumping on a train for a mere 60 minutes and all of a sudden I was hit with the smell of the sea and transported to this buzzing little coastal town. Brighton boasts a huge music and arts scene, with something quirky lingering around every corner.

One of many streets incorporating colour

One of many streets incorporating colour


The famous wheel…


The Royal Pavilion


Brighton Beach at sunset… so perfect.

First order of business was fish and chips… being Good Friday we couldn’t not submit ourselves to this deliciousness. In fact, the whole weekend ended up revolving around food as there is SO much good food down there, it’s a bit overwhelming.

In terms of nighttime entertainment, we chose The Mesmerist. A bar that loves to spin old vinyl. I’m talking, 1940/50’s Soul, Blues, Jazz & Rockabilly hits that filled the dancefloor. We had such a good time we were still dancing at 2am! And we weren’t the only ones, the dancefloor was heaving with people in their mid to late 20’s (if you’d muted the sound you’d swear we were at a top 40 club) it was really refreshing to see that music culture spreading through all age groups.

In keeping with the cultural music experience, we also participated in a free Swing Dancing lesson, held at the Open Air Markets. It was so much fun! In about 30 minutes we were transformed into Charleston pros!

We would have fit in well alongside the locals, strolling along the seaside eating Rollmops (pickled herring with pickled onions & gherkins) – sounds awful but it was surprisingly tasty!


Rollmop.. better than it looks!

Easter Sunday was celebrated with a traditional pork roast complete with Yorkshire pudding. With some background entertainment of some jazz guitarists, which was so nice and relaxing. I think we sat in that pub for a good 3 hours, just listening and reading and eating a lot of free Easter eggs the owner provided for all his patrons.

Free chocolate? Don't need to tell us twice!

Free chocolate? Don’t need to tell us twice!


Roast pork... so delicious...

Roast pork… so delicious…

Monday we took the train out to Lewes, an historical town about a 10 minute train ride north east of Brighton. It was stunning! 12th Century castle, 15th century bookstore, cobbled streets.. ahh I was in heaven! Our reasoning for going was to do a big walk or hike… boy did we hike. Three and a half hours of fields, mud, cows, sheep, swans, trail bike riders and some stunning scenery. We walked the South Downs path and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s into that sort of thing. Reaching one of the summits, you can see around you a patchwork of green, people’s properties have been worked into this walk, as public pathways. It really feels like you’re in a different land all together and not the 1 hour’s train ride south of London.


Entrance to Lewes Castle


15th Century bookstore




More fields..


Our goal…


Our reward!


It was definitely one of my favourite weekends since moving over here. It’s so easy to escape for a weekend from London, especially when you have all this beautiful landscape a mere hour away. I will be making sure I do more exploring as the weather becomes a lot nicer!




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