The Unique Sound of Eleanor Dunlop


Eleanor Dunlop is a singer from Sydney who possess one of the most unique voices I have heard in a long time. It has haunting, husky qualities that seem to be dripped in velvet. Upon listening to her, pictures of a luxurious woman from the 1930’s appeared in my head. Her voice rolls so easily over your ears that before you realise it she has transported you to another world and left you floating on a cloud.

A classically trained pianist, each song has a distinctive piano presence, which often include rolling melodies. These piano parts give Dunlop a signature to her sound and blend beautifully with her voice.

Her song Disguise was released last October and has had plenty of play across the Triple J networks, as well as currently being used in the ABC TV Series Old School. This song grabbed me instantly with that rolling piano, it just floats easily out of the airwaves and into your ears. Another feature of her music is that it’s unlike anything else currently being played on radio (from what I’ve heard) it has a more classical sound to it and it’s a little bit jazzy.

Since hearing Disguise I have discovered she was previously the lead singer of the band Cameras. They made really interesting music which undoubtedly showcases Eleanor’s unique voice. However, her solo work has the aforementioned classic qualities to it, making the tracks a bit ‘cleaner’ if you will. But I do enjoy both.. this track has a haunting piano track behind it that I love.. check it out!

I think Eleanor Dunlop has a very big future ahead of her… watch this space!






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