The Secret Keeper I Couldn’t Put Down…


You know when you get your hands on a good book, and you literally can’t put it down because every second you don’t have it in your hands you’re thinking about the story and wondering what’s going to happen next? Well.. that just happened to me..

Kate Morton is fast becoming one of my favourite authors… I’ve always loved reading, especially getting absorbed into a great story that makes you forget where you are.. she is an expert at writing these types of stories. Her latest book The Secret Keeper is in my opinion her best work to date. Set in London during The Blitz in 1941 it seamlessly passes between 1941, 1961 and 2011.. you can read the blurb here

She has an incredible talent for melding a story together across multiple story lines and eras. The way they intertwine and resolve makes you as a reader wonder how on earth she came up with it, it seems so REAL that surely this whole story is based on a true one (it’s not, apart from the historical setting). I am reminded of writers like Di Morresy who is well known for her stories that jump between different periods in time.

I love stories like these, with mystery and intrigue that keep you guessing and turning those pages just a little bit faster with every passing chapter.  I quite often like to imagine the book I am reading as if it’s playing out like a movie or a mini series in my head… this book was no exception, with her detailed descriptions of the settings all I had to do was close my eyes and I was there with the characters.

I believe one of her books The Forgotten Garden is going to be made into a film, but I can so clearly picture The Secret Keeper as a 4 part mini series done by the ABC or the BBC… it would be perfect as the book is split up into 4 parts… I can even picture some of the actors I would cast.. I think this is where readers can get upset and left disappointed when their beloved books are turned into films… given that there is only usually 2 hours of screen time to fit in over 500 pages of writing, essential parts or even your favourite parts of the book are bound to be left behind. It’s understandable for the mediums are so different, one needs to explain more with less words while the other explains everything with words.

I read a lot, and every now and then you stumble across these gems that you can’t read fast enough and seem to end all too soon… this book is definitely one of them. I highly recommend it!

Read something recently you couldn’t put down? Let me know!



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