A Weekend Escape



Last weekend I went down to Busselton, a town in the South West of Western Australia… it’s about a 2 hour drive south from Perth. One of my best friends lives down there with her husband so along with another friend we paid them a visit!

It’s amazing how only 2 nights away in the country can leave you feeling refreshed and as if you’ve had a week away! We managed a good balance of doing very little on the couch and getting out and about..

On Saturday we went to Eagle Bay Brewery for lunch. It’s a relatively new brewery in the region, with really yummy food and beers, set in a picturesque grounds. We were seated outside, which was chilly but we had the sun on us. Overlooking the grounds which include a dam and a veggie patch just off the lawns.

Veggie Patch

This was followed by drinks on the beach at sunset..

Sunday we had breakfast at The Goose and then walked it all off along the Busselton Jetty, which is the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere, stretching 2kms out to the ocean. Unfortunately we did not see the local Great White Shark, Bruce who has been known to hang around at the end of the jetty, but it wasn’t the clearest of days so we weren’t surprised.

The very beginning of the jetty

Every time I head to the South West I feel like I’m coming home. I grew up going to Yallingup every summer holidays with my family and it sounds a bit daft but I have always felt a very special connection with the region. I try and get down there as often as I can (this was my third trip this year) and it will be my last visit for a while.. but no matter where I go in the world the South West will always be one of my favourite places on earth.



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