My Wandering Family

A few nights ago I caught up with a couple of my cousins, one of which hasn’t lived in Perth for the last 4 years, and my sister who has just moved back to Perth after 7 years away… as we were sharing a meal it occurred to us that our family is rather unique. Out of my immediate household family, my two sisters have both moved – one is living on the beach in northern New South Wales and the other was living in Melbourne… she has now come home and I am about to move to London! Then there’s my cousin Ryan who lives in Sydney with his wife, they moved over in the same month his brother was moving back to Perth from Sydney and finally my cousin Andrew lives in London with his wife, his sister has no plans to leave Perth, much to my sister’s delight… and that’s just on my dad’s side!

My mum’s side is equally spread out with cousins in QLD, London, Kalgoorlie and Canada!

But it just seems that as we have grown older, the family has this constant need to move around like nomads. Always looking for the next adventure… bigger and better things! The whole family hasn’t been together since Christmas 2011 and as everyone is getting older and starting to have families of their own, it’s getting harder and harder to have everyone together.

I never thought our family was particularly close, but when I compare mine with some of my friend’s families, it is becoming clear that we ARE actually a really close family. I speak to a member of my extended family almost every day. Unlike most of my friends I actually look forward to family gatherings! (Which generally consist of lots of wine and cheese and chats – My three favourite things!) 😉

At least this ‘wandering’ attitude has proved beneficial for me, with two cousins living in London already it’s nice to know I will have family in my new home as well.

Do you have family members spread far and wide?



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