Wednesday Wine Night


Over the past few years myself and two of my closest girlfriends started catching up midweek at one of our houses for wine, takeaway and lots of chats. It all started around the time Megan was getting married. Her husband works away during the week, so to help break up the week we would go over to her house and keep her company.  This soon became a weekly occurrence… since she had so much to plan and think about in the lead up to the wedding, I think it helped her a great deal to be able to confide in her girlfriends. It also helped myself and Lauren… having that weekly contact to talk, whether it be to vent, share news or to celebrate something!

Now I’d like to point out that Megan got married 4 years ago… over the years there has been periods where Wednesday Wine Night has been left by the wayside, but we found ourselves meeting up again at the beginning of this year; when Lauren was planning her wedding! This time around, Megan & I were in the bridal party so it also doubled as a good chance for us to touch base on plans for the hens party and the wedding itself.

Her wedding is done and dusted now, but we still find ourselves meeting up every Wednesday taking turns at each other’s houses. Tonight it’s my turn, and it is very bitter sweet as this will be the last Wednesday Wine Night for approximately 2 years… Reason being Megan is moving up north with her husband and I am moving to London, so tonight marks the end of our weekly catch ups! (at least with all 3 of us present).  Naturally we are all sad it has to come to an end, none more so than Lauren as she is going to be the only one left in Perth (we do have other friends but that’s besides the point). Tonight’s wine night will also include (for Lauren) a Skype lesson! –  who knows, maybe we can have a weekly video conference instead of a wine night… either way we need to get in those weekly updates and chats!!

We have all known each other since the first year of high school… where we all bonded over our annoying English teacher. Ever since those days we have been inseparable and our friendship has grown from weekly sleepovers to weekly clubbing, and now weekly wine nights. I love these girls so much, they are my rocks… if ever there are times in my life where something’s not right, they are the first people I turn to. I can honestly say, I don’t see this changing just because I am moving country. We are SO LUCKY to have the technology that we do today, that allows us instant contact with someone on the other side of the world. Between Skype, Viber and Facebook these girls are not going to be able to get rid of me that easily!!

So in honour of the last Wednesday Wine Night for the foreseeable future, I would like to dedicate this post to my two beautiful best friends who help keep me sane! I wise person once said; “All will be well, as long as there is enough wine!”


The 3 of us at Lauren's wedding.

The 3 of us at Lauren’s wedding.



One thought on “Wednesday Wine Night

  1. Awwww beautiful hun….thanks so much. I’ll miss not having our weekly wine nights but we’ll pick it back up when you two get back in 2 years time. Love you girls to the moon and back xxxxx

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