A One Way Ticket to Life!


At the beginning of this year I declared that it would be a year of ME… I’d just spent the last two years doing a degree at uni and answering to so many people, that when I finished I felt so free… free to do exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately in order to carry out the plans I wanted to make, I had to get a job. So I got a job… the job sucks… sooo after some scrupulous saving I have finally done it.

Yesterday I handed in my resignation at a job that I really haven’t gelled with or enjoyed very much. I could have stuck it out a while longer and gained more $$ for my pocket but I thought “no.. this is supposed to be my year of ME.. why should I spend it working for someone, doing a job I don’t enjoy?!” The feeling of relief when I told my boss I was leaving… I can’t even put it in enough words.. I felt like I had lost 20kgs!! I’d been sitting on this information that I was going to leave for almost a month, and to get rid of that guilt and dread in the pit of my stomach was soooo refreshing for me.

The reason I am leaving this position is because I am moving myself to London! It is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, but the timing was never right… the time is definitely RIGHT NOW! No more excuses, no more putting it off, no more over thinking it. Just do it. So I did. I just booked myself a one way ticket… I don’t have much of a plan yet, but that’s ok.. I am going to go with the flow and see what life throws at me… after all this is the best way to learn and grow as a human being and I certainly need to do that!!



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