Spaceship Albums.. Part 2

OK so I am continuing through my list of ‘Spaceship Albums’.. for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, please refer to my earlier post.

Kasabian – West Ryder Paupa Lunatic Asylum (2009)

This album exploded onto the scene with the lead single Fire, an epic anthemic song that has gone to be a huge crowd pleaser at their live shows. The way the tracks are put together in this record leans it towards the concept album category. Every song on this album is told from a different ‘patient’s’ point of view – Something I didn’t discover until a couple of years after buying the album. It’s not an essential fact, the album still definitely works, but once you know, you can listen to it in a completely different way. It actually makes more sense and in some cases makes the songs a little bit creepy!
Highlights on this album for me are Fast Fuse – a song that is on just about every ‘pump me up’ or ‘let’s party’ playlist, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when that song is playing. Underdog is a song that always conjures up images of opening credits to a movie… some images of people in black and white… perhaps getting ready for a fight.. anyway, it’s a very good song! Very empowering! Another showstopping song is Vlad The Impaler another good one for festivals and general ‘let’s get pumped up’ situations where one can chant ‘get loose, get loose!’ I have so many happy memories attached to this record, both from seeing the band perform these tracks live and from instances where the music has been playing as life goes on around it.



Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle (2013)


This album was one of my favourites from 2013, and it may seem strange to have such a new release in one of these ‘all-time’ type lists, but this album is definitely one that will stay with me. Unlike her previous three albums (which are also very good) there are no clear ‘radio’ tracks on it. In fact the first 4 tracks all blend into one another creating a  ‘meditation’ feel. The Indian influence is all over this record – the use of exotic instruments and a huge backing band, as well as unusual guitar tuning give this album a really unique sound. I love listening to this album, over and over and over again. I can have it on repeat all day and I wouldn’t get sick of it, honestly.. I’ve done it before! It’s perfect for accompanying a good book, background dinner music and daydreaming in general 🙂
In trying to pick some stand out tracks, I am struggling.. they’re all good!! But ok, some favourites are Breathe, I think it’s the space created in this track, the unusual song structure that allows for a slow build up. Love Be Brave is another track that sticks out for me, mainly for it’s interesting chords and tuning on the guitar.. now I”m no guitar player so I’m not sure exactly what is going on here, but it sounds so different to what we normally hear from her. This is definitely her most daring and mature record to date, and I hope her next one is just as good!

Plenty more on the way!



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