Keeping the End Goal in Sight!

Since finishing uni last year, I had four months off – this was not intentional, but it took some time to find a job! Now that I’m working full time again, it has occurred to me that I am at a great risk of letting the day job take over my life. This day job is a good one, it’s interesting and it pays well, but I don’t LOVE it. I’m not going to let it rule my life and get under my skin when I’m not in the office.


It has taken me the better part of 27 years to start to realise who I am as a person, and what my passions are. It’s something that is always evolving in my head, I’m definitely not someone who can be allocated into one category or box. The one constant in my life is music. It has always been there, even if I search my brain all the way back to my early childhood, I can pretty much relate every memory back to music. Growing up in a house where my Dad always had the latest CD’s, when we would drive down for our annual beach holiday there was always a pre-made soundtrack to listen to on the 3 hour drive (mainly Billy Joel, Simply Red and Frank Sinatra). Even looking at old home movies, there’s me as a 2 year old, colouring in something while Rage (a music video show in Australia) is on the tv behind me and I’m dancing and humming along to it!

So even though I’m still relatively young I am certain music is something that is never going to leave my life… if it does I’m not sure my life would be worth living to be honest! So back to this day job, it’s a good position where I have a varied work-load, which helps with my short attention-span! The beauty of this job is I can leave work at work. So when I get home in the evenings, it’s all my  own time to do with whatever I please. I am making a conscious effort to remember that and to utilise it! I don’t want to be doing this job forever, so in order to progress with my dreams and goals I need to put in the extra work at home. I have been writing music reviews for Holding Pattern for the last 12 months, and I really enjoy doing it. But sadly, their site has gone offline for a few months, this means I now have no creative outlet for that part of my brain (aside from this blog) so I am endevouring to find other outlets in which to write reviews or just to get involved in the music world in general. I’ve volunteered at a community radio station in the past and I think it might be time to get back into that as well. I feel like I need to feed my soul with tasks that are immersed in the music world.

I'm currently reading this book and it has re-vitalised my love of music and I can read it on my way to & from work!

I’m currently reading this book and it has re-vitalised my love of music and I can read it on my way to & from work!

Since careers in the music industry are extremely hard to wrangle, you quite often have to work for free to get your foot in the door! So I figure I need to make the most of this new job, so that I can utilise my time, while I’m getting paid so that I can make waves for my own future.

Have you ever been a situation like this? Where you’re working an insignificant day job in order to make your dreams come true?



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