Laneway 2014

So Saturday 8th February was the last Laneway Festival of 2014, it was held at the Esplanade park in Fremantle and I was there!

I hadn’t been to a music festival in over a year (really really bad I know) so I was beyond excited!! Also helping the excitement levels was the fact that I had never seen any of the bands on the lineup before! Amazing! (I am blessed in that I have seen A LOT of bands live, so usually when festivals roll through town I’ve seen majority of the people on the bill)

The day began for my friends and I with Vance Joy. He’s a solo artist from Melbourne who just took out the top spot in Triple J’s Hottest 100 for his song ‘Riptide‘. I confess I didn’t know much of his music (he only has an EP out) but the ones I did know went down really well. Lots of dancing and smiles!

Then it was onto Scottish lads Frightened Rabbit. They were a nice surprise for me, I am not too familiar with their work but a friend recommended I go watch them and they didn’t disappoint! The main song of theirs I knew was ‘Woodpile’  which they performed note perfect! A lot of their other material was quieter/slower which was nice to just be able to sit back and watch the artists at work.

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

Next up was the beautiful sounds of London band Daughter. I was really excited to see them live, even though their album is full of subtle, beautiful and delicate tracks (not always the best vibe for a music festival setting) I wanted to see if they could replicate it live. And they did! Lead singer Elena’s voice was so spot on! They played most of their album including my favourite track ‘Youth‘. By the time they had finished, there was a massive crowd gathered as on the stage next door Haim were about to being.



I have to say, I think they were my highlight of the day. I’ve really been enjoying their debut album Days Are Gone and I was interested to see how they play live, as I had heard mixed reviews. They blew me away.. these three sisters are so talented it should be illegal… all three of them are multi-instrumentalists, sharing vocal duties throughout the set, banging away on drums whilst playing keys/guitar/bass and singing. It was a very high energy set, they really get the crowd going and keep them involved throughout. A big highlight for me was during their song ‘Let Me Go‘ when all three of them just started ‘jamming’ on the drums… I love when multiple drum sets are brought on stage, I think it offers an impact you just don’t get very often. These girls know what they are doing… it was amazing! They also impressed me with another ‘jam’ earlier in their set when they broke into Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’ from 1969! Killer.

My dodgy pic of Haim

My dodgy pic of Haim

After Haim was Scotland’s Chvrches. Another big highlight from the day. These guys were also note perfect throughout their set, if I couldn’t see them playing I could have sworn their album was being blasted over the PA. Lead singer Lauren’s voice was crystal clear and perfect. There was so much dancing I’m surprised I can even remember what I was looking at. Everyone in the crowd was singing along and smiling which was great to be a part of. The crowd was getting increasingly bigger as their set went on, as Lorde was to take the stage next. But they finished their set off with hit song ‘The Mother We Share’  which was amazing.. but every song they played could have been a massive hit if  you were going by the crowd’s reaction. This is clearly a well loved debut album.

The final act I saw of the day was Cloud Control. Admittedly I have seen these guys before and they’ve always been good, I hadn’t planned on seeing them but as the day panned out it just made sense. We stuck to the back of the crowd so we could dance a bit more and also make our quick escape as they finished, as the prospect of packed trains home was not welcoming. They totally killed it! Every single song they played was upbeat and happy! We were all doing our best ‘daggy dad dancing’ with big smiles on our faces. Big highlight for me was their classic song ‘Gold Canary‘ in which they intertwined with the Bloodhound Gang’s song ‘Pepper‘. They also attempted some pyrotechnics by way of sparklers being attached to the end of lead singer Alister’s guitar. It was simple, yet effective from the back of the crowd!

All up I am pleased to say Laneway delivered in bucket loads this year, I was even impressed with the venue change! Laneway used to be held in the city, around and inbetween buildings… in actual laneways! But this year it moved to Fremantle to a big oval, which actually made it a lot easier to get around to each stage etc.

And now today, I am wishing I was back there, daggy dad dancing my way through the day to good tunes in the sunshine!



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