If Only… I Could Stop Over-thinking!

If only…” These two little words paired together create one of the saddest phrases imaginable  this is a quote taken from an article I recently read over at Marc and Angel Hack Life  about how to stop regretting moments in life, and to stay in the present. This has never rung truer for myself.

I have recently started a new job, a job that I am sure I am going to love eventually (once I get over the initial settling in/teething problems). Ultimately my goal for this year was to move to another country and embark on a working holiday, something that I have always wanted to do. I thought right, 2014 I’m going to take you on with everything that I have! Firstly though, I needed to get a job, obviously in order to save to go away on said holiday. So now that I’ve got a great job and am finally earning money again, my mind is wandering off into the not too distant future and asking A LOT of questions, questions which I really don’t want to have to answer until closer to to time… i.e “What if I really like this job and the people are really nice and then I have to quit so I can pursue my plans and I end up letting down these really  nice people who are investing a long term plan in me”… These sort of questions are a recipe for disaster in my life!! And definitely steer me towards the attitude of ‘If only’… I definitely don’t want to end up still at this job in 4 years time and have missed my chance at working overseas (age limit on certain visas) but I don’t want that fear to override what is happening in the present, which really is very good.


Learning to take a step back and appreciate each day is something I am constantly working on. – and it is actually a lot harder than you might think! More and more I am learning that life is a mental game, and if you can maintain a positive, healthy mental state/train of thought then you hold all the cards you need to win at life. The mind is a very powerful thing and sometimes scarily so… the power of negative thoughts is so strong it scares me. So to try and combat this, I surround myself with positive people (where possible), I exercise every morning (releases endorphins to the brain, which make you happier) and I write down positive affirmations, quotes, thoughts where I can see them in clear sight. My sister bought me a mini blackboard for this reason, so roughly once a week I sit down and write something positive that will keep me going throughout the week.  I find the action of writing down positive words very cathartic, writing in general is a fantastic form of therapy, for me anyway. It literally is an outlet to get all of your emotions out of you, positive or negative. I have been keeping a journal this year, just writing short notes every day and I’m finding it really helps me gain perspective and appreciation for the day that has been.

photo (1)

I’m not saying if you don’t do this you can’t be happy with your life, I am merely sharing what I do, and what I think might be helpful to anyone who is interested in this stuff and how people cope with their lives.

You might have a completely different method to achieve the same goal, or maybe you’ve tried some of the methods I use, feel free to leave me a comment either way, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



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