The Sweet Sounds of Real Estate

Real Estate are a band from New Jersey, and they’ve been around since 2009. Their second album Days came out in 2011 and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s one of those albums that is good for any occasion. Background music, exercise music, beach music, driving music, sleeping music. You name it, it sounds good with it!

Their tracks have a very low-fi sound, often times it is hard to hear what singer Martin Courtney is actually saying! But it doesn’t matter, because the melodies of the guitars, mixed with his sweet vocals just transport you to a kind of paradise. For me it reminds me of San Francisco… I’m not sure why, especially since they are a NY band.. but the laziness and summery goodness that comes out of these songs takes me back to SF – afterall it is a very happy city.. not so much sunny, but happy nonetheless.

The lead single off Days was It’s Real this is a really summery track, it’s catchy chorus will have you singing along and smiling in no time!

After falling in love with Days I naturally went in search of MORE Real Estate! And thankfully I discovered their debut self titled album Real Estate! It was as I had hoped, full to the brim of that beautiful lazy/twangy/psychedelic guitar and catchy melodies that make you instantly happier than you were before you pressed play. The lead single from this album was Fake Blues…

The band have just released a brand new track Talking Backwards, a teaser for their third LP Atlas  which comes out in March. I am really excited for this album I am sure it is going to make its way onto my top albums of 2014! (BIG call I know.. but that’s how much I love these guys!)


Sadly for us in Australia, it doesn’t look like they will be touring down here any time soon! But fingers crossed they make it before the end of the year!!



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