Finding My Sea Legs

So there’s this band called Sea Legs… and I am really loving them right now! These New South Welshmen certainly know how to pen a catchy poppy rock song..

Their latest track is currently sitting at number 1 on the HP’s Spotlight ChartTake A Little For Yourself is a beautifully constructed song, it has plenty of space to begin with, slowing drawing you in and then once the chorus kicks in you are completely under their spell! It’s a slightly different direction for the band, having more of a washy/fuzzy feel to it, but I really like it!

Can I Get An Amen is a song I have been a fan of for a while, is sounds like it’s coming at you straight from someone’s garage. Its much more unpolished than their latest offering, but it still manages to retain the catchiness of any indie rock pop song, with their indie rock guitar sound.

Morse Code takes a slower turn. It’s full of pretty melodies and more delicate sections. The drum beat throughout is almost hypnotic, another instance of foot stamping/finger tapping in ensured. It builds up gradually over the course of the four minutes, guaranteeing that by the end of the track you are well and truly sucked in and punching the air to the end!

These guys have a couple more tracks up on the Sea Legs HP page, go and check them out!


Sea Legs have had plenty of exposure on the Triple J and Triple J Unearthed airwaves, with all of their songs getting fantastic reviews from the Triple J staffers. I was surprised to learn they have only been a band for a coupe of years, and in that time they’ve been on some pretty big tours, including currently touring the East Coast with Jebediah! If they keep churning out tracks like these, I dare say they will be headlining their own stadium sized shows in a couple of years! Watch this space!!



2 thoughts on “Finding My Sea Legs

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    How are you? I’m an assistant to a publicist at VA. Could you please send me through your contact information?



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