A Different Kind of Hip Hop…

Earlier this year, I reviewed  Brisbane Hip Hop act with a different kind of sound to what I would usually associate with Hip Hop tunes…

Hailing from Brisbane, Signature Series offers a diverse style of hip hop that’s bound to turn heads.

Upbeat tracks, enhanced by a horn section give this hip-hop artist an edge in the market. Rather than his backing tracks sounding like programmed beats, it actually sounds like you’re listening to a funk/soul band with a singer who happens to be really good at rapping.

This blend works together really well, when listening to these tracks you can almost forget where you are, but most of all it makes you want to dance!

Heist That!?! opens the EP with energetic drums that grab your attention. Punchy rhymes carry throughout the track, with flickers of horns throughout the backing track. It’s a great song for getting yourself pumped up for a night out or on a workout/running playlist.

The title track Corner of 4th & 58th has had airplay across the Triple J airwaves. Featuring the vocal skills of Georgia Potter helping to bring this soulful track up another level.

Here Comes The Fuzz is a little reminiscent of a 1970’s cop show soundtrack. It’s full of funky bass lines once again combined with the horns, with a few siren effects to set the scene. It sounds messy but it all combines to make a fun track.

Kickin On Has a much smoother/crooner feel to it. I get the feeling the singer is trying to appeal to the ladies in this one.. or perhaps one lady in particular.

Signature Series is definitely a name to remember, this EP gives a good selection of talent, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Add it to: Pre-Party Playlist, Workout Playlist, Road Trip Playlist

If you like  The Roots, The Bamboos, Urthboy get onto these guys!

All these tracks are available to listen to for free or to purchase at holdingpattern.com

Signature Series will be playing in their hometown of Brisbane, at The Joynt on Saturday 30th November in support of their new track Down Low

Signature Series Chairman of the Board, Chico Mendez says of the track

“I wanted to take the idea the old blues intensity, and match it up with a rough 
organs, big, room mic kit. I kept the arrangement really simple to give that
feeling of drama, and avoided putting guitars all the way through, otherwise
it might become a Chicago Blues track and loose the swagger. The images
of heading to Mexico to escape trouble had a very “Tarrantino” style about it.
I like to think a Signature Series track would work in those type of films”

If you live in Brisbane (unfortunately I don’t!) go and check them out!! Support some awesome local Aussie Hip Hop with a twist!

If you are in town, go and check them out!!



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