New Music Awaits…

For the last year I have been contributing music reviews to a website that is dedicated to showcasing new, independent music. Holding Pattern has so much music and I am constantly impressed with the standard of the stuff up there!


Nightbug is no exception. They are a 5 piece band from Sydney, and offer indie pop/rock/electro/guitar sounds that are really awesome! So awesome I reviewed them for HP, here is my review…

Nightbug are a five piece out of Sydney who clearly have varying tastes in music, but they use this to their advantage. This EP is like a musical journey through indie rock/pop, through to electro and hard rock filled with some superb guitar playing.

 The opening track ‘Lost At Sea’ has indie pop written all over it. This combined with a  Two Door Cinema Club-esq guitar sound make it a winning tune. My only criticism is it ended too soon! I literally had to press play again as soon as it finished.

 ‘Battle’ offers a more explosive and punchy sound. The guitars are reminiscent of Bloc Party or early Arctic Monkeys offering up a fast paced tune, combined with the keys fills this track out nicely. Lead singer David’s vocals carry the melody really well over the huge guitar sound. This tune will get you fired up and ready for anything. I’m betting it will sound even better live!

The band returns to a luscious indie pop sound with ‘Endless Afternoon’. Filled with pretty key lines and guitar tracks, combined with a really interesting drum track. It reminds me a little of The Temper Trap, and by the bridge this song gains a real anthem quality.

The title track to this EP ‘Parallels’ is an epic instrumental jam. It begins with soft, synth driven sounds that are really dreamy and suck you in, and then it begins to build with yet another catchy guitar line. They continue to build and then…BAM you’re hit with some killer guitar and what has grown into a really awesome track. I am in love with this tune.

The EP rounds out with another punchy indie rock tune ‘Tropic’. I could have sworn it was Two Door Cinema Club until the vocals hit. The punchy guitar blended with the keys make for perfect indie pop/rock.

I am so impressed by Nightbug. I can’t believe this band haven’t even been together a year! They are producing music worthy of a debut album in my opinion. Check them out I’m fairly sure they’ll be superstars soon! 

If you are like me and love finding new music, check out Holding Pattern, you never know what you might find!



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