A Sudden Freedom

Three weeks ago I completed a Bachelor of Audio Production in under 2 years and it was a lot of hard work!

My sisters surprised me this week by sending me some Waterford crystal champagne glasses, to help me celebrate! Image

I am still in a state of disbelief that it’s all over, but I am also very excited for what is to come next… I get to start living my life and I can choose to do whatever I want with it!

Now I just need to decide what I want to do…  Music is always going to be a part of my life, reviewing, attending gigs, obsessing over bands (both old and new) and travelling is definitely on the cards! The world is my oyster so-to-speak, so now it’s time to start LIVING!





One thought on “A Sudden Freedom

  1. Congrats on finishing hun!!! Hold on to that feeling of relief and excitement of finishing as it will still be a good feeling years down the track (it is for me still anyway) … your sister is SOOO lovely to have done that, you have some beautiful family it would seem 🙂 Loving your little space on the interweb and I can’t wait to continue following your blog xx

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