Weekly Digs: Ngaiire

Ngaiire is on the way to building a name for herself.
Leaving behind her stint on Australian Idol and her days as a back-up singer for Australian band Blue King Brown, she is holding her own with her solo work.

This track ‘Once’ is awesome. It almost pulses as it builds throughout. Ngaiire’s vocals are so powerful, there’s a hint of Beyonce in there.

I’ve chosen the live version here because the film clip for this song has a lot of stop-starts and you can’t really hear the song properly.

Check it out!


Weekly Digs: Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko has reinvented herself again! Her last album saw the addition of an orchestra. Her forthcoming album Eternal Return seems to be a nod back to the eighties.

This single ‘I’d Be Lost’ is full of pop-synth tones and an upbeat groove to it… new ground for Blasko who is well known for her melancholic melodies. She has also transformed her voice, singing in a much higher register, making her almost unrecognisable!

Regardless, I am digging this track!


Weekly Digs: Sia

Sia has been around for years now, and I have never really taken to her to be honest. However, I do have a lot of respect for her.

Here is a woman who has penned hits for the likes of Beyonce and Rhianna, has social anxiety and still manages to top the charts with her own music!

Her latest project is called This Is Acting and it’s full of songs she originally wrote for other people.

The first song from it is called ‘Alive’, which was originally written for Adele. The film clip features a pint-sized kung fu master who totally steals the show, but this song is actually really good! Have a listen;


Weekly Digs: Stereophonics

I’ve followed the career of Stereophonics for a long time… their albums in recent years have been good but nothing compared to their earlier stuff.. they’ve just released their 9th album ‘Keep The Village Alive’ and from it I found this track ‘Cest La Vie’.

It’s a nod back to their earlier work, very punchy lyrics, a little bit rougher and less poppy sounding.. take a listen!


Photograph 51



On Monday night I had the great fortune of seeing Nicole Kidman in Photograph 51, at the Noel Coward Theatre in London.

It tells a story of Rosalind Franklin, a British scientist working at Kings College in post-war London.
The story revolves around the discovery of what we now know as the DNA strand between Franklin and a bunch of male scientists. In the beginning the divide between the sexes is prominent, Franklin arrives at Kings College being referred to as ‘Miss Franklin’ as opposed to ‘Doctor Franklin’. She also discovers that the role she moved back to England for as head of her own research project has now been down-graded to assistant to Maurice Wilkins. – I wont give the whole plot away but it definitely highlights the sexist attitudes towards women in the day, and especially in the field of science where it was most uncommon to see a woman in a lab… let alone running one!


Directed by Michael Grandage, the way this play has been constructed really engages the audience. The subject matter and the scientific background it is all based on could easily be dry viewing, but surprisingly there was a lot of humour and drama that at points had me on the edge of my seat.

Kidman’s performance literally had me captured from the moment she stood on the stage. She has a way of transforming herself into the character so well that you forget who you are looking at.. even if you recognise her face. I am struggling to find the words to describe how good she was.. I genuinely think it was one of the best performances I have seen on the stage.. and I’ve seen a lot!

If you have the opportunity.. GO!




Weekly Digs: Eagles of Death Metal

I love this band and I am so happy that they are making more music!!

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Jesse Hughes’ new album is called ‘Zipper Down’ and features this insanely catchy track ‘Complexity’ have a listen here;



Weekly Digs: Death Cab For Cutie

I only recently found out Death Cab have a new album out! I intend to see them at their London show so I thought I’d better take a listen to some of it. I was not disappointed..

The Ghosts of Beverly Drive is their signature guitar sound, and extremely catchy melody and chorus. Take a listen!