Weekly Digs: Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon has had a long, interesting and varied career in the music business. He does everything from produce, write, and is part of many bands. I have recently discovered his 2008 album ‘Friendly Fire’, it’s been referred to as a British Elliot Smith. He makes beautiful music.

At times you can hear hints of his father (John) but for the most part, he holds his own. Have a listen to this track ‘Parachute’



Weekly Digs: Chvrches

Scottish band Chvrches are back with a new album, and their latest release ‘Leave A Trace’ has their signature pop-synth sound.

Just as catchy as their earlier work, it’s nice to see they haven’t changed too much from their debut. It’s clearly a formula that works!

Their new album Every Open Eye is out tomorrow.

Happy listening!


Florence Smashes Alexandra


On Monday night I was lucky enough to go see Florence & the Machine in their opening show at Alexandra Palace in London.

The first of five shows to be held there, it was full of high energy and good vibes.

This is the first time I have seen them play and it was definitely worth the wait!

She opened with ‘What The Water Gave Me’ bringing the venue to life with a sparkling backdrop of metallic squares that changed colours as the show continued.

‘Ship To Wreck’ saw her run around the stage.. she has that unique talent of being able to jump, run and dance while singing. She really does have one of the most impressive voices and when you hear it live it slaps you in the face making you wonder if you’re dreaming or actually standing in the crowd.

Her rendition of ‘Rabbit Heart’ literally left goosebumps on my skin, not one to be shy she did all but jump into the crowd at the end, touching audience members faces and hands.

Throughout the show she told some stories about recording the songs in London, her home town of sorts (it’s where she played her first gigs). Before launching into ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ she told us she would ride her bike through the rain, in an anorak from Kennington to Elephant & Castle to record this latest album.
Her song ‘Cosmic Love’ came about when she went to her friend’s studio in Crystal Palace when she had one of the worst hangovers and was told to write a song.

You could see she was genuinely happy to be ‘home’ and a little overwhelmed that all five shows have sold out at this iconic venue.


The highlight was her (arguably) most famous song ‘Dog Days Are Over’ at the end of the set. The entire crowd literally jumping, Florence encouraging the crowd to take off an item of clothing and swing it above their heads.

‘What Kind of Man’ reignited the crowd for the encore, with Florence again reaching into the crowd, but this time a lucky lad got a kiss on the lips!

She has such a lovely disposition and such a meek and mild voice compared to her pipes, you start to wonder if this is the same person!? I’ve seen a lot of bands in my time, but she really impressed me with her crowd interaction. It was someone down the front’s birthday and she promptly said, ‘happy birthday! You have to jump the highest to this one then!’

Essentially, she left me wanting more a lot more… I would really like to be friends with Florence Welch.. and her band…

The Set List;

What The Water Gave Me
Ship To Wreck
Shake It Out
Rabbit Heart
Third Eye
You’ve Got The Love
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Cosmic Love
Long & Lost
Queen of Peace
Dog Days Are Over
What Kind of Man
Drumming Song



Weekly Digs: Foals

British band Foals are back with a brand new album and their new single ‘Mountain At My Gates’ is a ripper!

It’s got their signature guitar sound, carried buy a hypnotic sounding bass part that gets your head bopping along to its rhythm.

I dare you to try and not move while listening to this..



Weekly Digs: Jarryd James

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Jarryd James has burst onto the scene with his debut single ‘Do You Remember’. Released back in April, it instantly catches you.

It’s got a Chet Faker-styled sound, where the rule ‘less is more’ is followed to the hilt. This track consists of a simple guitar lick and a stomping drum beat. The result is hypnotizing. It’s simple, soothing, and good for your soul.



Weekly Digs: Everything Evertyhing

Everything Everything are at it again.. getting under my skin with their latest track ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’.

It’s a slightly different pace and direction from their previous work, with an infectiously catchy melody, slightly tribal sounding drum beats it will make you want to dance… in fact, I challenge anyone to sit still while listening to this!



Weekly Digs: MS MR

MS MR are a duo from New York who found success with their 2013 album ‘Secondhand Rapture’. They’re now back with a brand new one called ‘How Does It Feel’ and it sounds like they haven’t lost their way.

‘Painted’ is their first offering, it has a lot of layered vocals, mixed with synth giving off an instant 90’s feel. But as the song progresses it becomes catchier and catchier.