Weekly Digs: MS MR

MS MR are a duo from New York who found success with their 2013 album ‘Secondhand Rapture’. They’re now back with a brand new one called ‘How Does It Feel’ and it sounds like they haven’t lost their way.

‘Painted’ is their first offering, it has a lot of layered vocals, mixed with synth giving off an instant 90’s feel. But as the song progresses it becomes catchier and catchier.



Weekly Digs: Lykke Li

I have been a fan of Lykke Li’s for years, but somehow I missed her dropping a brand new album this time last year… whoops! Never mind, I’ve finally caught up, it’s called ‘I Never Learn’ and here is a tasty treat off of it; ‘Gunshot’.

It carries Li’s signature broody/moody tones set into a catchy beat it draws you in, hook, line and sinker.



Weekly Digs: Real Estate

I’ve spoken before of my love of the band Real Estate.

One of their more recent tracks, ‘Had To Hear’ has become a recent staple in my play-list. With it’s signature Real Estate summery guitar tones, it is perfect for a summer’s day, basking in the sunshine or indeed for a winter’s day, to help you transport yourself somewhere sunnier.



Multi-Story Orchestra


Saturday night I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the Multi-Story Orchestra perform Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques, in a Multi-Story Car park in Peckham. Not the first place you would think to listen to an orchestra.. given there is no acoustic treatment what-so-ever, in fact being an entirely concrete space, the sound should bounce around from floor to ceiling to pillar and back again before it hits your eardrums. However, it didn’t seem to be a problem, and in fact, it actually added to the piece performed.

Let me set the scene a little bit… we are seated on plastic chairs (the kind you used to sit on at school), on the second highest level of the multi-story car park. From the street you can hear a baby crying, and some pop music playing from someone’s car. The first act of this 3 part piece is performed entirely by the solo violinist. It went for 18 minutes. She repeated the same melodic formula, changing ever so slightly as the piece built. Interestingly, as she performed her piece, sections of it were so subtle you could hear an overground train thundering by, it was very prominent, but didn’t distract her from playing. After eighteen minutes, she walked over to her seat – still playing! – and joined in with all the other strings in a cacophony of sound, which in turn sounded much like the train we heard pass by a short time earlier. As the piece went on it added in more instruments, trombones were added, with the aid of tin foil around the mute. This turned it’s usually clear crisp sound into a muffled noise that added an eerie touch to the whole piece.

The whole performance only lasted one hour, but it was so unusual with so much to listen to it felt like it went for a lot longer. It seemed to be a soundtrack piece, something that could accompany something else, certainly something visual. It also seemed to be a bit of an urban soundtrack, with the instruments being used in a non-traditional way of making noise and different sounds. The flutes added a different mouthpiece to their instruments which resulted in this chorus of bird songs, which when mixed with the eeriness of the brass section, created a rather interesting soundscape. Grisey described his work as “made with sounds, not with notes”, a very accurate description of the work I saw. It was something completely different from anything I have ever experienced before.

They are performing all throughout August and September.. see what’s coming up here 

Here’s a little bit more about what Multi-Story Orchestra do for the community…




Weekly Digs: Black Sorrows

This week I am sharing a classic… I quite often get cravings for 90’s music and this track is always on the play-list… I have no idea why but I love this song so much.

Black Sorrows are/were an Australian blues/rock band lead by Joe Camilleri. I haven’t heard anything from them in the last 20 years at least but they were pretty big back in the day.

This film clip is pretty hard to watch.. but if you remember them just close your eyes and reminisce :)


Scotland I Love You


I was lucky enough to spend a weekend up in Scotland recently… god I love the Highlands.

It had been about 4 years since my last visit with my pals Gordon & Hazel. They live in a tiny village called Kilmacolm, it’s only 20 minutes west of Glasgow, but you’d swear you were hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I always sleep well when I go to Scotland.. must be something in the air, that sweet fresh air! Fresh was definitely the word of the weekend, it was arctic temperatures, but it definitely didn’t feel like summer when the central heating is still required and you find yourself wearing 2 sometimes 3 layers… I can understand the Scot’s frustrations with their so-called summer.. it doesn’t look like it will improve anytime soon!

IMG_5581 IMG_5585 IMG_5595

We went on a road trip north, past the vast Loch Lomond, one of Scotland’s more famous Loch’s (although my hosts weren’t too sure why), through the rain and mist and up through Glencoe where the infamous battle was fought back in the 16th century. Past the brave mountaineers and hikers trudging along in the rain. Despite the weather, I was still able to marvel at the land’s beauty. When the rain cleared enough to see the mountains we were driving past, you could see the natural waterfalls spilling down the crevices. Everytime I see them, it astounds me that these giant green mountains and valleys have been there for centuries, untouched. Coming from a very flat land, I still marvel at the fact that land can naturally form like that! (crazy I know..)

Let the photo spam begin….


Loch Lomond after the sun came out!


Snapping the scenery from the backseat

IMG_5615 IMG_5630

On my last day, I ventured into Glasgow, a city I have not really been able to explore in the past as it is usually the transit point for my trips. It is a city of change, that is evident in the buildings alone. We began in the old part of the city, taking in the Necroplois which is situated on a huge hill overlooking the whole city… which on a better weather day would have given us a view far and wide… as it was, we couldn’t see a whole lot. We did however, get a good look at Glasgow Cathedral, which sits on the other side of the hill.

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral

I then had a gander at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, a free museum that offers everything from natural history through to crusaders and convicts! I found all the Scottish history really interesting, the Jacobites and their fight for their clans.


Many faces hanging above the foyer of the Kelvingrove.

My trip was very brief, but it was enough to remind me of how much I love this country. I am now making plans to go back and explore the entire place!



Weekly Digs: Warpaint

I love this band. They have been around for about ten years now and late in 2013 they released their second LP self-titled ‘Warpaint’.

The lead single from that album and my favourite is ‘Love Is To Die’. This song still gets in my head, after listening to it all the time, ever since it was released. I feel like I will never get sick of it. It’s so chilled, and catchy with just the right amount of moodiness at the same time so that you can’t help sing along to it.

It has become a staple in my play-list selections.. I hope you enjoy!